Man fined $500 for swallowing human toe in Canadian bar

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DAWSON CITY, CANADA – Forget about Syria. There could be another international conflict afoot. The United States and Canada might go toe-to-toe, after the Canucks claim an American man intentionally swallowed a human toe in a Canadian bar.

No, it’s not being called cannibalism; it’s called the “sourtoe cocktail”.

You see, serving the severed body part is a time honored tradition at the Sourdough Saloon in the Yukon Territory’s Dawson City. That’s right, a drink garnished with a dehydrated and preserved in salt tootsy.

The concept is simple, you order your shot (Yukon Gold Whiskey is said to go best with the shriveled toe), you pay a $5 toe tax and then you follow the rules: You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow, but your lips must touch the toe.

A scary feet, but apparently for an American man, this challenge was easy to swallow.

The unnamed Yankee allegedly walked into the Yukon bar, gulped down the gnarled foot nugget, paid the $500 fine (yes, it’s happened before!) and then this guy just hot-footed out of the joint!

Some speculate the stunt was done for bragging rights. We guess he was proud after nailing the shot.

The saloon claims they dip their toe in about 30 to 40 drinks a night and estimate 60,000 people have touched lips with leathery appendage. So, lucky for them the bar has a backup toe now making the rounds.

They also raised the fine to $2,500 to prevent another intentional swallowing. You would have to be pretty rich and craz to foot that bill!