Ohio couple dies 11 hours apart after 65 years of marriage

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coupleRUSSIA, OH – It was a real-life scene from The Notebook. Just ask the daughter of Ruth and Doc Knape, married nearly 66 years.

Margaret Knapke said, “I’m convinced that he was thinking something along the lines of well I’ve been willing myself to be here for her. Now that’s not appropriate. It’s time for her to go that means it’s time for me to go too.”

Ruth and Doc’s love story began when they were just kids. Margaret said, “Mom liked to say I knew your dad in grade school. They went to the same grade school. She said, I had a crush on him, he was in 3rd grade.”

But Doc moved away. Years later, he was serving in the Army during WWII when he met a local man who set him up with his sister-in-law. She happened to be Ruth.

They wrote letters and sent photographs while he was overseas. When he returned, they married and had six kids.

Then this spring, Ruth and Doc moved together to a nursing facility.

Margaret said, “He would sleep all the time, but when he would wake up it would be to ask, where’s your mother how is your mother?”

Ruth fell ill with an infection. When Doc was told she wasn’t going to make it, he let go.

“We kept saying to her, mom, dad has gone ahead. He is holding the door open for you he is waiting for you,” said Margaret.

Just eleven hours after Doc passed away, Ruth passed too.

It just proves true love really does last forever.