Pat Robertson claims gays wear ‘special rings’ to spread AIDS

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VIRGINIA BEACH, VA – When it comes to controversial topics, there can be some pretty extreme views.

Pat Robertson is a conservative Christian and the chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network.

But in an interview on CBN’s ‘The 700 Club,’ his view on a few topics seemed more than extreme; they were flat out outrageous. Like how AIDS spread. Robertson said he used to think it was transmitted by saliva, but he’s now realized it may be through sexual contact. Might be? Look it up on the CDC. But Pat didn’t stop there; he went after the gay community. According to Pat, the gays are a bunch of bitter, revenge seeking murderers; especially the San Francisco gays.

According to Robertson, he says the gays go around wearing rings to cut others and infect them with AIDS.

It’s 2013, we should know by now that AIDS doesn’t discriminate based on age, gender or sexual orientation.

It looks like the only thing spreading here is ignorance.