Royce White back in Houston to open mental health center

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HOUSTON, TX – Wonder how devastated the Rockets are about losing Royce White to the Philadelphia 76ers; who they going to get to polish the pine now?

Fans were angry for the way Royce spent his time on social media all last season; guess he had nothing else to do.

Oh well, we found Mr. White doing what he does best, sitting down and running his mouth, but this time in a good way. He helped announce the January opening of the Busy Bee Mental Health Facility in southwest Houston.

Great cause, but back to Royce.

He, of course has high, but not to high, hopes with his new team who is still not sure how he’s going to get there.

Just hope the 76ers aren’t banking on his celebrity status a woman right in front of him didn’t even know his name.