Spring elementary music teacher charged with child pornography

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HOUSTON, TX – Those of us who have kids, entrust them to their teachers, but unfortunately that trust isn’t always deserved.

Derrick Allan Gossett, a music teacher at Anderson Elementary School in Spring, is charged with online solicitation of a minor and promotion of child pornography.

Harris County authorities say, Gossett allegedly posed as a young girl on Facebook and tried to convince a 12-year-old boy to send nude pictures of himself.

Parents are in disbelief that their beloved teacher could be accused of committing these acts.

Debbie Kunchick said, “This man has done so much for our community, our school, he is awesome… I’ve always bragged on Mr. Gossett, I think he’s a wonderful person. I’m just totally shocked, I still can’t believe he would do something like this.”

In the midst of this shock the school is trying to find some normalcy.

Jack Herr who lives across from the school, said, “The principal, I talked to last night. He says pray for us.”

An arrest warrant has been issued for Gossett, but authorities have not yet been able to locate him.

A sad note in Anderson’s musical history.