East Texas cheerleader now the poster girl for noodling

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noodlingLAKE TAWAKONI, TX – Noodling: a form of fishing in which a person sticks a finger into an underwater hole and lets something bite it. Hopefully, it’s a catfish. If so, they drag it to shore.

If it’s not a catfish, they may lose their finger to a snapping turtle or life to a water moccasin.

So cheerleaders who noodle may sound like a fish story; but it’s not.

Meet Lucy Millsap, a 19-year-old, cheerleader from Quinlan, TX, who grew up noodling with her father- when it was illegal. She says, “So everything we did it was hiding it, worrying about not getting in trouble.  That was the goal- just don’t go out there and get caught.”

She never got caught and now it’s legal.

Back in June she hauled in a record 72 pound catfish and now this cheerleader has become the de facto poster girl for noodling.

Co-noodler Jennifer Drake says, “We went to Yahoo.com cover page and there was Lucy’s picture. This 19-year-old cheerleader from Quinlan Texas pulls out this fish and now she’s on the cover of basically this international, worldwide web page. It was just shocking.”

Aside from 15 minutes of fame; why would anyone want to stick their hand into a murky underwater hole?

Lucy says, “It’s more interesting, it’s more fun. You know there’s nothing like sitting in a boat being bored, waiting on a fish. Why not go to the fish?”

Fellow noodlers agree saying, “Like you don’t understand the rush. People think we’re crazy and maybe we are but ha ha ha.”

It only took about 20 minutes before Lucy noodled herself a huge catfish. The 43 pound fish was so large it broke the scale. Hmm look like they’re going to need a bigger scale.

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