Fast food workers asking for super-size wages

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HOUSTON, TX – They stopped flipping burgers and now, they’re just flipping out. Fast food workers from across the nation walked off their jobs and have taken to the streets protesting for higher pay.

In Houston, fast food organizers are saying dozens of workers are on strike demanding more money.

Their beef is with the current wage of $7.25 an hour, which only adds up to $15,080 a year, $8,500 below the poverty line. And in our economy, these workers are just not lovin’ that.

Fast food workers want to take their “kid’s meal” caliber hourly pay check and super-size it to a whopping $15 an hour; that’s about double what they’re getting now. They would like to get it their way for a change, but some of Houston’s hungry see this strike as fast food folly and that $15 an hour seems a bit high for just taking food orders.

The bottom line is: thousands of workers across the U.S. are expected to hang up their spatulas and take up protest signs. Some see their fast food jobs as not a fast track career; but many burger consumers say if they want better pay they should go get different jobs.

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