Kidnapper James Dimaggio’s sister speaks

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NEW YORK, NY – For many of the name James Dimaggio means two things – kidnapper and murderer. He’s the man that was killed in a shootout with the FBI after kidnapping Hannah Anderson. Investigators also say Dimaggio tortured and killed Hannah’s mom and brother before setting his own house on fire.

Now Dimaggio’s sister, Lora Dimaggio is speaking out. But what she said surprised many.

“I would like to remind you that at this point my brother is still a suspect. He is not a killer. He is accused, and again it is alleged,” Lora told CNN’s Piers Morgan.

Last week, Hannah broke her silence, but Lora says she doesn’t believe Hannah’s side of the story.

“The Hannah Anderson that I saw a few nights ago on TV is certainly not the girl that stayed in my home 3 weeks prior to them disappearing,’ she said. ‘I remember very vividly telling my brother, she’s trouble. I said, you need to watch out for that one. She’s trouble.”

Lora says she wants to see more evidence from investigators to prove her brother’s innocence. But that’s likely not going to happen since the investigation is closed.

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