Shocking Video of White Toddler Being ‘Racially Bullied’ by Black Neighbors

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Viral video outrage!

A shocking video has emerged which appears to show the racially motivated bullying of a three-year-old white girl by her five-year-old black neighbors.

Two clips uploaded to Facebook and entitled ‘When white people pi** black people off’, shows a heartbreaking and disturbing scene – a little Minneapolis girl trying to play with another group of girls who are encouraged to hit, push and verbally abuse the toddler at the encouragement of an older boy off camera.

Viewers immediately pulled the racism card and threatened the parents, who say they had no idea and apologized for their children’s behavior.

Initially, the video was traced to a Facebook page for someone named Ray Wright, but that page has now been taken down and since revealed to be a fake account set up by the 12-year-old brother.

So was this racism or just a case of neighborhood bullying? Researchers say there’s a myth that young children are colorblind. However one doctor says, “Research clearly shows that children not only recognize race from a very young age, but also develop racial biases by ages three to five.” That just happens to be the ages of these kids.

My thoughts are that children are a blank slate, and they get written with ideas from the people in their environment. So topics like, bullying and racism, need to be addressed and taught at a young age that they are not acceptable. Stop history from repeating itself. Don’t allow these little sponges to absorb hate.

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