Cigarette bandits hit second Foodarama in two nights

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Houston, TX – It appears that Houston’s Smokey and the Bandits have struck again.  This time, a Foodarama off Antoine and Victory in northwest Houston is left cleaning up the mess. The second Foodarama in two nights, by the way.
It looks like the suspects pried open the front door and made their way to the cigarette counter. But get this: cigarettes weren’t their only ill-gotten gains. The suspected thieves also snagged several cell phones.

And by the looks of it, they bit off more than they can chew. Check it out: some of the stash was ditched on the way out before escaping near a fence in the back.
The only silver lining here? The store manager says he’s thankful that the cartons of cigarettes were locked up in the back, where the suspects couldn’t find them.
In Friday`s robbery, the thieves allegedly took an apple pie with them. Funny? Yea, kind of. But there’s nothing sweet about their crime spree.

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