Texas Senator John Cornyn plans to get terrorism aid to Ford Hood victims

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KILLEEN, TX – It`s been nearly four years since the Fort Hood massacre. The trial and sentencing for Major Nidal Hasan is over. But for Texas senator John Cornyn, it`s not over.

Cornyn is working on a new legislation called the ‘Honoring the Fort Hood Heroes Act’ to get the shooting re-classified from a ‘workplace violence incident’ to an ‘act of terror.’ This would allow the Fort Hood victim`s to get full benefits from the military.

Cornyn makes a good point, like 9/11.

Benefits were awarded to the victim`s of the 9/11 terror attacks, so if Cornyn`s measure passes, the Fort Hood shooting victims` will get the same thing.

The new legislation will now go before both houses of congress.

As for Hasan, the only thing going before him is a death sentence.

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