40% of Americans spent Labor Day at work

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HOUSTON, TX – Ah, Labor Day. No better time to kick up your feet, sit back and waste the day away. Unless, of course, you’re one of those poor saps who had to work. Yep. Seems no matter the holiday, there’s always someone who has to get up early and truck it in to the office.

They were hard at work at Texas Auto Care over on Dunvale Road.

“Labor Day is a very important day,’ says manager Freddy Assaad, ‘but we’re working to help the customer out, to finish the car for him, to keep our word.”

And they weren’t alone. According to a new survey from Bloomberg and Beyond.com, 39% of businesses stayed open Labor Day.

“Most of the places are open,’ Assaad says, ‘mechanic shop, stores, gas stations.”

Working the holiday has its concessions.

“We’re not going to work a whole day; we’re going to work a few hours. We have a couple of cars for customers we’re going to finish for them.”

And it could always be worse. According to another survey, 45% of people spent the day looking for work.

Ah, no better place than America to put the labor back in Labor Day.

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