Dennis Rodman returns to North Korea

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PYONGYANG, NORTH KOREA – The really weird bromance between Dennis Rodman and North Korea’s Li’l Kim Jong-Un is back on the front burner.

Rodman showed up in Pyongyang for some round ball diplomacy.

He claims he’s in town to visit Li’l Kim and set up a basketball league. But there is speculation he could be there to talk to his little friend about releasing U.S. citizen Kenneth Bae.

Li’l Kim put Bae in prison for 15 years at hard labor for unspecified hostile acts against North Korea.

North Korea’s news agency says Bae, a Korean-American, was visiting the country as a tourist when Li’l Kim’s police arrested him.

Rodman says his second trip to North Korea since March is not about Bae, even though he has said he would like Li’l Kim to let Bae out of prison. Rodman even tweeted that he would appreciate it if Li’l Kim would ‘do him a solid’ and let Bae return to the United States.

Guess we’ll have to see if this budding bromance turns into a threesome.

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