Israelis concerned Syria will attack Israel in event of strike

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HOUSTON –  As the U.S. is positioning itself to attack Syria in resopnse to their use of chemical weapons on civilians, the Middle East is increasingly uneasy. Israelis are concerned Syria or Hezbollah will attack Israel in the event of an American strike.

Saar Shwartz, and Israeli-American who lives in Houston explained, “As you know in the Middle East, like in the Middle East, things can flare up in minutes.”

Long, tedious lines are forming to get gas masks, just in case missiles are aimed at Israel are loaded with chemicals.

Shwartz said, “They’re watching it very carefully right now.  I think everybody’s concerned, even folks who don`t tell you they`re concerned, are a little bit concerned, especially in lieu of the history, and just the flammability of that region.”

With concerns about repercussions from a U.S. strike, some Israeli`s still support American action in Syria.

According to Shwarz, “When you kill women and children with the same chemicals you kill cockroaches, no culture can really tolerate something like that.  And under the premise of all it take for evil to prevail, all it takes is for good men to do nothing, we have to do something.”

We attempted to talk to the Syrian Consul General in Houston, but the consulate’s voicemail says they’re on summer break until September 12th.

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