Marijuana remains the drug of choice worldwide

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LONDON, ENGLAND – Hey, it’s 4:20 somewhere in the world and you know what that means. It means all kinds of people all around the globe are lighting up with what researchers discovered is the world’s most popular illegal drug.

A report just out in the current issue of the British journal The Lancet claims to be the first global survey of illegal drugs ever done.

To no surprise, pot was the most popular. Men in their 20s had the highest rates of abuse of all drugs, and the US, Australia, Britain and Russia was the top countries on the ‘hit’ list.

The report also found painkillers like vicodin, oxycotin and codeine killed the most people.

And people tend to abuse drugs produced close to home, like coke in North America, and amphetamines and opioids in Asia and Australia.

A related study found that mental health and drug abuse problems like depression and coke addiction kill more people around the world than AIDS, tuberculosis, diabetes or traffic accidents,

Proving again, that living in any lane can be a deadly trip.

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