Texans’ Cierre Wood says he spoke to Manti T’eo’s fake girlfriend

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WOODHOUSTON, TX – Two guys living in close quarters can be pretty awkward. Adding a girlfriend to the mix often times make things even harder! Fortunately for running back Cierre Wood, who just made the Texans 53 man roster as an undrafted rookie, his college roommate had the best kind of girlfriend. A fake one!

Wood roomed with Manti T’eo during his time at Notre Dame, and was recently asked if he’d heard any of Manti’s phone calls with his now infamous faux-female. Wood said, “Yeah, I did. I mean, if I come in here with a goldfish and say this is my goldfish Larry, you guys are going to be like okay, so what? It was more along the lines of that. I’d come over and ask for a controller and he’d be like ‘talk to my girl.’ I was looking at the computer screen and it was blank, I really don’t care. I heard someone talking to me so I introduced myself, ‘Hi, I’m Cierre’ and went on about my business.”

Holy hallucination! At least Manti wasn’t the only one hearing the voices!

Regardless of who Wood talked to in college he’s a Texan now, and as long as he knows the difference between an imaginary Super Bowl ring, and the real thing he’s A-Okay in our play book

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