Women protest against increasing number of C-sections

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HOUSTON, TX – Many moms say there’s a “maternity crisis in America”.

“C-sections make more money and they’re easier to do,’ said Doula Tara Phears. ‘So more first-time moms and low-risk moms are being induced or having cesareans.”

A group of moms and health care advocates took their signs and their strollers to the Medical Center on Labor Day.

“Right now we have very high C-section rates, very high induction rates and we’re trying to get these rates lowered,” added Phears.

The “2013 Rally to Improve Birth” hit more than 170 cities across the country. Advocates of natural deliveries demand that birth practices in America put women and babies before profits and liability.

“The C-sections are kind of the ‘best care’ as far as what doctors think. So, if a woman has a bad birth outcome and sues, then she’s more likely to win if she was not given a C-section.”

According to UN data – demonstrators say – the U.S. ranks 45th in the world in maternal safety and mortality, even though it’s number one in costs. Ouch! These numbers are painful; maybe it’s about time somebody ordered the epidural.

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