Anthony Weiner gets into a shouting match over his wife

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BROOKLYN, NY – Most of us know Anthony Weiner for what he’s done away from his wife. But in this controversy, Huma Abedin is right in the middle.

Here’s the deal. While the New York mayoral candidate was picking up some Rosh Hashanah goodies in a Brooklyn bakery, a constituent came up and started berating him. Among the insults he flung, Saul Kessler insulted Abedin’s ethnicity by scowling that Weiner is ‘married to an Arab.’

Kessler later admit to CNN: “I did say that. I’m not going to deny it. It’s just a certain feeling I have as a Jew.”

For what it’s worth, Abedin was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her father was of Indian descent and her mom is from Pakistan. She is a practicing Muslim, who spent a lot of her childhood in Saudi Arabia, where her dad was a professor.

“If you’re going say vile things about me and my family you should expect that I’m going to go back at you,” Weiner later said.

At the time, he and Kessler argued with one another loudly, face to face.

Weiner is obviously used to being criticized (sending semi-nude photos to random women online doesn’t make you look good), but this time, some folks have his back.

“If the voter talked about his wife and called him a name … the man is human!” said ldred Brignoni.

Weiner’s popularity continues to slip in the polls. The primary election is a few weeks away.