Car bomb proves that Egypt is still burning

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CAIRO, EGYPT – Even though we haven’t heard much from Cairo lately, a car bomb proves that Egypt is still burning. Photos show the fire and debris left by a car bomb that hit the motorcade of Egypt’s interior minister.

No one died, but several people were injured, and a police officer lost his leg.

Al Jazeera is reporting that Egypt’s interim president says his government’s top priority is restoring security.

Aldy Mansour held his first interview since being put into office by the coup-that-was-not-a-coup. He said Egypt is moving toward democracy, adding that his government and that means the military that props him up, is not interested in making nice with anyone who incited the violence that rocked the country last month.

And now there’s a report that President Obama’s top national security people want the U.S. to suspend military and economic assistance to Egypt because of the coup-that-was-not-a-coup.

We give Egypt about $1.5 billion a year. Nearly all of that is in military assistance that really goes to U.S. contractors. That means the only ones to get hurt by any cut will be the American workers building Egyptian tanks and jets.

Somehow we don’t see the Egyptians really giving a fig about that.