Court orders man to wear ‘idiot’ sign to prove he’s an idiot

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idiotCLEVELAND, OH – Looking for a tell-tale sign you’re an idiot? How about when a judge orders you to wear one!

A Cleveland court has sentenced an Ohio man to wear a sign around his neck which states he’s “an idiot” for calling 911 and threatening cops.

58-year-old Richard Dameron is ordered by Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Pinkey Carr, to publicly apologize to police after Dameron dialed 911 and issued death threats to a retired officer. He also threatened other officers as well. According to Dameron, he was drunk when he placed the calls.

So, with his self-deprecating sign slung around his neck, this self-proclaimed “idiot” started his sentence in front of Police Headquarters on Labor Day. Dameron is ordered to admit his idiocies for three hours a day, five days straight. And if this public humiliation isn’t enough, the sign-bearer is also seeing some jail-time.

Judge Pinkey Carr handed out a similar “idiot sign” sentence back in November of last year, to a woman who drove on a sidewalk to avoid a school bus. If people continue to act like idiots, these kinds of punishments could just be a sign-of-the-times.