Detroit now has a stray dog problem

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DETROIT, MI – As if the residents of Detroit didn’t already have it bad (you know, the whole bankruptcy thing.) But things aren’t looking too good for the dogs, too.

Packs and packs of stray dogs, mostly pit bulls, are roaming the streets because they were left behind by their owners.

As people flee the city for a better life, the problem with the dogs is only growing.

“They’re disposable in people’s minds. They don’t vaccinate, they don’t spay, they don’t neuter,” said Kristen Huston with the All About Animals Rescue.

That’s why Kristen is stepping up; educating owners about having their pets spayed and neutered. She’s also giving out food.

The Detroit Animal Control says they’re running out of options, and will likely have to turn to euthanizing the dogs.

It’s tough to say the east, seeing man’s best friend, much like the people of Detroit , just waiting to be rescued.