My Single Band: A Bracelet that Advertises You’re Single

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Let’s face it being single and finding a match is getting harder and harder.

Now technology even supermarkets have gotten involved.

There’s the dating app Tinder, which connects you to singles on Facebook. Kind of like a Russian roulette of dating. And at Wal-Marts in Germany you can find love in aisle 9. They are hosting single nights, where those shopping for a date tie a ribbon on their carts.

What’s next?! Well, there’s the saying, you wear your heart on your sleeve, well what about on your wrist?

There’s a new rubber wrist band that is hoping to spark relationships. It’s called My Single Band. This jazzy rubber band (available in 7 attractive uni-sex colors) and emblazoned with the words fate, destiny and future, tells the world “I’m Single and ready to mingle!” The website encourages single peeps to sport the band at the gym, Starbucks, work, or at the club. The bands are set to launch here in the United States in a few weeks and will retail for about $10 for a single bracelet to about $15 for a pair.

The couple who created the bands say, “With MY Single Band you don’t have to go looking for single hot-spots, just wear the attractive band and your perfect partner could be just around the next corner.”

Clever idea but the bands have a long way to go before being recognized as a single status symbol. Right now they look like any other charity wrist band. And do you really want to be labeled as a charity case? You might as well walk around with a sign, Need Date! Not to mention, just like wedding rings are a symbol you’re hitched, how many of you have known someone to slip it in their pocket. So how can we be sure these folks are truly single? Just saying!

In my opinion stop looking for love. It will find you.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.