Parents angry at Spring ISDs handling of stabbing

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springisdSPRING, TX – 24 hours after a deadly stabbing that took place at Spring High School, parents with kids in the Spring Independent School District want answers. A concerned community gathered outside Spring ISD’s administration office, demanding that the school board address problems these parents say, have gone on for far too long in the Spring schools: violence in the classroom.

The parents want school officials to implement more security measures at the schools… to ensure the safety of their children. And if the unthinkable happens, like it did Wednesday morning, these frustrated parents want the district to notify them as soon as possible.

Marching into the lobby of the administration building, parents demanded to speak to the Spring ISD Superintendent, Dr. Ralph Draper, but were told he wasn’t seeing anyone at the moment.

Spring High School has set-up a phone line for parents to request an appointment for their children to speak with a counselor… but many feel that is not enough. With all these unanswered questions, many parents are left wondering how to talk to their kids about safety in the schools.