Putin promises gays will not be punished at Olympics

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA – Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin now says gays are OK; at least at the upcoming 2014 Winter Games to be held in his country. Can you say flip flop?

Putin who’s quite the outdoors man and goes out of his way to show his machismo; signed a law back in July that ‘makes it illegal to expose minors to information that portrays homosexual relationships as normal or attractive.’

It doesn’t matter if you’re Russian or just visiting; violators can be fined or thrown in the slammer for 15 days.

Putin’s not the first xenophobic leader, but as a worldly politician it’s queer (or just plain stupid) to divide your country and create turmoil when masses of spectators and athletes — like flamboyant figure skater Johnny Weir — are due in your country in a few months.

“I won’t stop being myself,’ says Weir. “I won’t stop being Johnny Weir, the gay, fabulous, ice skater person.”

Similar reactions around the world have Putin backing down and now promising the new law won’t be used to punish athletes who show their pride. Maybe, but don’t expect any gay pride parades during the Winter Games.