Spring HS stabbing suspect goes before judge

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HOUSTON, TX – The chaos has settled a day after the deadly stabbing at Spring High School.

Joshua Broussard, 17, was killed Wednesday morning after a fight broke out. Three others were hurt and taken to the hospital. Two of them were released, and one is still there but is reportedly in good condition.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the motive for the stabbing was gang related. Now the teen responsible for the whole thing is starting to face the consequences. Thursday morning 17-year-old Luis Alonzo Alfaro went before a judge.

“At this time you have one charge; a felony charge of murder,’ the judge said. ‘One charge filed at this time is probable cause. Your mind is set at $150,000.”

We’re sure this is just the start of many court appearances and charges Alfaro will face. As for the community and victims, all they can do is wait for justice to be served all for a fight that went way too far.