Terrorist hope new messaging program give them the edge

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MIDDLE EAST – Everyone wants good cell-phone service, no matter where we are, or where we do our business.

Well, not everyone.

If you are an international terrorist, or just a regional thug making a name for yourself, you want to make sure that Uncle Sam and his buddies aren’t tapped in to your secret plans.

And, there’s an app for that.

The ladies over at the Global Islamic Media Front have come up with a mobile encryption program for cell phones called a Mobile Encryption Program for cell phones.

It’s supposed to let terrorists and jihadists hide their phone calls, text messages, and files from prying infidel eyes. It’s even supposed to let terrorists safely check their emails when they’re away from the office.

It’s a companion download for the first Islamic program for encrypted instant messaging known as the First Islamic Program for Encrypted Instant Messaging.

Of course, if they really wanted their text messages to be a mystery to everyone, they could just hire some teens to do the texting.