Walmart workers protest over low wages

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BENTONVILLE, AR – “Save money.  Live better.” Is that Walmart’s message to customers or to stock holders? We don’t know. But the debate over working conditions and salaries paid by the giant corporation hit the road one more time with demonstrations in 15 cities across America.

Protestors demand a higher minimum wage and the reinstatement of 20 employees they claim were illegally fired by the company for participating in the strikes in June.

According to “OurWalmart”, a union-backed group, Walmart workers earn an average of $8.81 an hour.  However, the company says it’s average full-time associate makes $12.83 per hour — which does not include part-time employees by the way.

“We have over 450 stores in Texas, with a hundred and fifty thousand associates,’ explained Brooke Buchanan, Walmart’s spokeswoman. ‘And we’re aware of only one event, in Dallas, and none in Houston. So, this is not a representative of Walmart’s associates. This is really a union-driven event.”

These demonstrations follow last week’s strikes of fast food workers. The issue clearly requires an immediate solution: whether they need training to find better paid jobs or minimum wage should be raised all together, low income Americans usually depend on public help to get by. So here’s the deal, folks: cheap labor ends up being very, very expensive for our society.