Weird soda flavors unavailable to biggest soda drinkers

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HOUSTON, TX – Call it what you like — soda, Coke, pop — Americans love it! In fact, the average consumer here buys almost 45 gallons of soda a year. So says Euromonitor International who adds it’s more pop than any other country in the world.

But there’s still something foreigners have on us– Crazy Soda Flavors!!

Oh sure — the Jones company makes soda outta anything — ham, Peeps, mutton (yuck!); but you can’t stop into 7-11 and pick those up.

But in Vietnam, you can pop into the local Quickie Mart and pick up Bird’s Nest soda made from white fungus and the nests of cave birds. Puke alert: it has a chunky texture.

In Barbados and Bermuda, try out Mauby Fizzz, a delightful concoction made of tree bark. First it tastes sweet then bitter. And if you haven’t tried it before, you’ll probably be making a quick trip to the john, as it also acts as a laxative.

Switzerland sells a soda called La Obamas… “not” made outta the first family’s bathwater. The main ingredient is black garlic, but it’s “absolutely free of garlic smell.” Suuuure it is!

And while you’re in Switzerland, get stoked for the cannabis lemonade. They actually market it to kids and proclaim you’ll get the magic power of hemp seeds, but there’s no THC. In other words, no high… major buzzkill, dude!

Japan sells curry soda and Pepsi’s flavored with cucumber, salty watermelon and yogurt. But the killer has to be Placenta 400,000. It’s supposed to offer beauty benefits through the magical powers of pig placenta.

Worst. Drink. Ever!!

We’ll stick with Cherry Coke, Big Red and Dr. Pepper– may not be as out there as fungus and pig placenta, but they go down nice and smooth and ‘won’t’ be coming back up!