Black and Latino activists address Spring HS stabbing

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SPRING, TX – What caused the stabbing of Joshua Broussard at Spring High School? Some in the community say its gang related, others say it was because of race.

Black and Latino activists joined community members to address the stabbing, with hopes of bridging the racial divide between Hispanics and Blacks.

Deric Muhammad says, “We want to say to the black students, that the Latino students are not your enemy. We want to say to the Latino students, the blacks are not your enemy.”

Spring Alumni Tressa Mclane added, “I don’t think that the Blacks are out to get the Mexicans and the Mexicans are out to get the Blacks, but I think that we have a gang issue.”

Individuals from Operation Outreach were there to give some perspective on gang violence saying, “Now, we’re talking about two different cultures, two different races that been at it for a long time that need to stop it! Unfortunately, the people in our community haven’t embraced this black and brown movement that we got not only here in the city of Houston but around the state. We must get involved in our young people’s lives.”

Regardless of motive, school shootings, stabbings and bomb threats have become out of control. Sure, school officials are in charge of campus safety, but it’s up to parents to continue to talk with their children about things like race and gang stuff. In that respect, education truly begins at home.