Dennis Rodman to train North Korea’s Olympic basketball team

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NEW YORK, NY – Today on ‘As the Worm Turns’, we find our hero ready to get down and get serious.

Or not.

Former NBA drag queen Dennis Rodman was holding court in New York to talk about his second trip this year to visit North Korea’s diminutive dictator, Li’l Kim Jong Un, and renew their international bromance.

Rodman plans to train North Korea’s national basketball team for the 2016 Olympics, and to take a team of former NBA players for a tournament on Li’l Kim’s birthday in January.

“This is about trying to breach a gap to a country that people say is so bad; this country is not bad because the marshal now, he wants to change,” Rodman said.

Sounds kind of like Jessica Rabbit. “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”

Rodman also asked the question on everyone one’s mind: “How is Dennis Rodman of all people not Muhammad Ali, not Mike Tyson not all the great athletes in the world not Michael Jordan, why Dennis Rodman have to break these grounds to make things work? Why me…”

From our minds to his lips.