Denny’s murder suspect appears in court

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HOUSTON, TX – It was a senseless crime at the American Diner that’s Always Open. The criminals allegedly responsible for the Denny’s robbery and murder off of I-10 and Washington should’ve known their attempts to hide would be over in short order, at least for two of them.

First to face the music was 20-year-old Cory Hilton.

Hilton was in probable cause court on crutches. The court found probable cause to keep him behind bars until his next court date.

18-year old Mario Hilton’s stop in front of a judge was also short lived.

Kenya Jackson, whose nickname happens to be “Poo Poo”, could be in it deep when cops catch up with the 20-year-old who’s also suspected to be involved in the Denny’s hold- up. Authorities are also looking for the get-away driver too.

What these youngsters allegedly thought would be a grand slam for some quick cash is probably going to end with them in the grand slammer. Where they’ll learn a whole new meaning to moons over my hammy!