Lawsuit claims HPD discriminated against Hispanic officers

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HOUSTON, TX – Did the Houston Police Department retaliate against one of its own officers? A federal jury said so, twice.

For the second time in one year, a federal jury determined HPD retaliated against Officer Christopher Zamora. He was awarded $150,000.

Zamora’s father, a retired HPD lieutenant, filed suit against the department along with 23 other officers, claiming the department discriminated against Hispanics in the promotions process. Christpher Zamora was not part of the original case, but according to the court findings was still faced with retaliation from the Houston Police Department.

Zamora’s attorney, Kim Ogg says, “He was still subjected to a hostile work environment, and most importantly labeled untruthful by the HPD Internal Affairs Division and the HPD command staff.”

During the process of the lawsuit, Zamora received the South Patrol Officer of the Year Award, and named an Officer of the Year by the 100 Club. Attorney Kim Ogg and community activists claim the Houston Police Department routinely retaliates against police officer who file claims of discrimination rather than investigate the incidents themselves. Ogg says taxpayers are being ripped off when the city defends what two different juries have called retaliations.

A statement from the city said, “While the jury found a citation and 10-day temporary suspension for untruthfulness against Zamora to have been retaliatory, City Attorney David Feldman says there are ample grounds to appeal.”

The case has gone to trial twice already, who knows; maybe a third time will be the charm for the city.  Or not!