NAACP and KKK meet in Wyoming

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CASPER, WY – Here’s something else you don’t see every day, members of the NAACP and the KKK getting together for a friendly talk in Casper, Wyoming.

Jimmy Simmons, president of the local civil rights chapter, decided to find out if the Klan had anything to do with attacks on black men dating white women in Gillette.

The klansman he ended up with was John Abarr, a recruiter from Montana.

Abarr may have been outnumbered around the table, but the discussion apparently was cordial. The local paper reports Abarr told the group that he likes being in the Klan because he gets to wear robes and burn crosses.

And regarding those reports about attacks on black men, well, Abarr said people who commit violence are hoodlums. Probably not a good choice of words for people who wear hoods.

Things really got quiet, though, when Abarr said there may have been violence in the past, but there’s no proof of Klan violence any more.

But all in all, at least according to the newspaper, the first formal meeting between the Klan and the NAACP went pretty well. It even ended with the klansman joining the NAACP. He paid his $30 membership fee in cash, and even left a $20 donation.