NFL Kicks off Fashion Week

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The September issue of Vogue is like the Super Bowl of fashion. 902 pages of “Fabulous Fall Fashion”.  And in it you’ll see unusual ads where fashion-meets-football. Who knew that cheering for your favorite team could look so good. You can wear these looks straight from the runway to the stadium.

Glamor aside, this is a strategic move by the NFL. The NFL is tackling the female demographic, which makes up nearly half of all NFL fans, 45%. Since 2010, the league began marketing apparel and accessories to the ladies, lucrative players.

Let’s face it having a vagina means we have the power in more ways than one.

Women drive 70-80% of all consumer spending, and many are active NFL fans, going to games, shouting for their teams, hosting game-day parties, playing fantasy football and generally participating in much of the same activities as their male brethren.

Up until a decade ago we had few choices for displaying our team spirit because a wide selection of NFL-licensed women’s apparel simply wasn’t available…until now. Check out the NFL shop, you can even find maternity wear. The league also has licensed out women’s apparel to Victoria’s Secret, even Target.

In my opinion finally the NFL got something right. Partly because the VP of Consumer Products at the NFL is a woman. Just say’n.

Now if only they could come out with a Chanel clear plastic bag.

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