San Antonio bans discrimination against LGBT community

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SAN ANTONIO – There’s a new rainbow over the Alamo City.

It’s now against the law in San Antonio to discriminate because of sexual orientation or gender identity.

San Antonio’s city council voted 8-3 to join Houston and all of the major cities in Texas in offering such protection.

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro said, “We’re not breaking any new ground, you know. Austin, Houston, Dallas, El Paso. Most Fortune 500 companies already have this kind of provision. That’s a bit surprising that San Antonio didn’t have it in place.”

But not everyone likes the new ordinance, and there are predictions of lawsuits ahead.

Jonathan Saenz, President of Texas Values, said, “From the faith community, it has all sorts of legal and drafting and constitutional problems. So the question now is, when will the first legal challenge begin, and how much is it going to cost taxpayers when those cases finally end.”

The ordinance also says public officials can’t discriminate in their official duties, and it prevents discrimination by people who get city contracts.

One person’s right is another person’s wrong, and the people of San Antonio will have to sort out the wrong from the right.