Syria Brief: Polls, politicians and concessions

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WASHINGTON, DC – Politicians in Washington are doing some serious poll dancing this week, and that’s because the most recent CNN/ORC International poll shows a majority of Americans opposed to any military action to punish Syria for possibly using poison gas against civilians, killing as many as 1,400.

Fifty-nine percent of those surveyed are opposed to Congress authorizing a strike against Syria. And regarding an air strike against Syria without congressional approval, the numbers were even higher, with 71% opposing it.

And that brings us to today’s Syria NewsFix in brief.

Dateline Washington where the song and dance coming out of the white house sounds like something from and Britney . . . All eyes on us.

Tony Blinken, Deputy National Security Adviser: ‘Iran is watching what we’re doing, North Korea is watching what we’re doing.  Hezbollah is watching what we’re doing.

Dateline Washington: Secretary of State Kerry seemed to give Syria a way out by suggesting Syria pass its gas to the international community. ‘Turn it over, all of it.’

Dateline Moscow: Russia is now asking Syria to do the same thing. And the Syrian foreign minister says he welcomes the ‘Russian’ proposal to put Syria’s chemical weapons under international control.

Dateline Washington” Former Secretary of State Hilliary Clinton couldn’t pass up an opportunity to state the obvious. ‘That would be an important step.’

Dateline Capitol Hill, where at least one member of Congress couldn’t let an opportunity go to waste: Rep. George Holding , (R) North Carolina: “Madam Speaker a successful foreign policy, the test of that, is that our friends trust us and our enemies fear us.  President Obama has failed in this regard.”

Meantime, while politicians do their poll dancing, people continue to die.

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