Ben Hall announces plan to tackle Houston crime

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HOUSTON, TX – Since Ben Hall announced he was running for Houston mayor, he hasn’t stayed quiet. He came out swinging earlier in the mayoral race with a campaign video. Mayor Annise Parker’s team punched right back with their video.

Now Hall is throwing Mayor Parker right back in the ring, claiming she hasn’t done enough to tackle one of Houston’s biggest problems, crime.

“Crime must be a top priority of the mayor of this city,” Hall said.

His press conference was held Monday at the Denny’s off I-10 and Washington Ave.; ironically the same place where a customer was shot and killed during a robbery last month.

But Hall’s message wasn’t only to Parker and voters.

“I want to announce to all criminals that this city belongs to the law abiding citizens. You are no longer welcome here if it is your intent to perpetrate a crime,” said Hall.

Hall has a Five-Point Plan to tackle the problem, some of which includes upgrading technology, like security cameras, to catch thieves.

Parker’s office struck back by releasing a statement saying Hall’s plan is ineffective, and that adding more cameras doesn’t stop crooks.

One thing that’s not going to stop is the back and forth from Hall and Parker because it’s campaign season and it’s just getting heated!

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