Crime Stoppers doubles reward for offenses against a public servant

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s a fact of life. Bad things happen to good people. Fire fighters. Police officers. And all too often, those responsible flee, putting all of us in danger.

“In late March, news broke that two Jacinto City officers were shot while responding to a domestic dispute and attempted suicide,’ explains Crime Stoppers of Houston Director Rania Mankarious. ‘In the moments and hours that followed, the teenage suspect responsible for the crime remained at large.”

“If he has no regard for the life of law enforcement,’ says Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Mitch Bettin, ‘then obviously not for the general public either.”

Now police and private citizens alike are coming together to put an end to the terror that comes from having a known cop-killer on the street. It’s called the Fallen Heroes Project.

“In the instance that an officer of fire fighter is injured or killed in the line of duty due to a felony crime and the fugitive remains at large, the Crime Stoppers reward of up to $5,000 will instantly be doubled thanks to the partnership with the 100 Club,” Mankarious explains.

That means you could receive as much as $10,000 for information that leads to the arrest of a felon who’s injured or killed a police officer or fire fighter.

“The doubling of the money, it’s going to make a huge difference in getting some of these perpetrators off the street,” says Deputy Bettin.

Making the streets safer for us and those who serve.

“We understand that we may give our lives in the line of duty at any given day at any given moment.,’ says Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland, ‘but, because of the principles and ideas that we swear to in that oath, what we believe in will never die.”

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