Iowa grants gun permits to blind people

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MASON CITY, IA – Oh great, here’s another issue people on both sides of gun control won’t be seeing eye to eye on; the State of Iowa just started granting gun carry permits to the blind.

Yeah, seems like Iowa, ironically also known as the Hawkeye State has an eye for giving people who are legally, or even “completely” blind permits to carry their pistols in public.

While many might think Iowa isn’t seeing clearly on the subject of guns for the blind, the state is sticking with its decision that the vision deprived have the right to defend themselves with firearms, saying that denying them based on physical ability would be illegal.

So far, state officials report that at least three blind residents, who can’t legally drive, were issued permits to carry firearms even after they weren’t able to read the permits application form. With that said, Iowa also has a provision in their law which states a sheriff can deny a gun permit if the applicant is a danger to themselves or others.

Looks like, if you’re blind and want to carry a gun you need to move to Iowa. But please, for the sake of the Hawkeye State, just make sure you shoot straight.

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