Is $40 a day enough to get you to sit on a jury?

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HARRIS COUNTY, TX – Some people will try just about anything to avoid being picked for a jury, so the Harris County District Clerk’s office is doing what it can to make that dreadful day of jury duty a little less painful for Houstonians.

Harris County Clerk Chris Daniel says jurors will now be paid $40 for every day they’ve been picked for a jury. It’s still $6 for the first day.

It seems Harris County knows what motivates people to get up and go, money!

The county’s hoping more paper in your pocket will make for more willing participants and give those people, who can’t necessarily afford to take a day off work, a chance to perform their civic duty. Daniel says the more people that participate in the system, the more confidence citizens have in the justice system.

He’s right, and who knows? Maybe one day getting that jury summons won’t be such a bad thing.

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