Burglars smash outside cameras, but fail to think once inside

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HOUSTON, TX – Booze and blow torches. That was the name of the game at the Motown 2 bar off north MacGregor.

Houston police say the bar was burglarized after hours last month, with the suspects getting away with $4,000 worth of ill-gotten gains.

Police say the pair blow torched the locks off and pried the door open. Reports say the dodgy duo smashed the outside cameras, but probably didn’t know there were cameras inside.

“During the burglary, they took about 3 pistols, they took some laptops, and they took some alcohol,” said Clydell White with Houston Police Department.

“They also went to the DJ booth and took all the DJ equipment out of there,” White added.

Once these guys inevitably get caught, we bet jail time will be a lot harder to swallow than that booze.

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