Diana Nyad defends record-breaking Cuba to Florida swim

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MIAMI, FL – Talk about a heart sinking tide-change! Diana Nyad is now defending her 110 mile, over 50 hour, shark-tank-free swim.

“I swam, we made it … from the rocks of Cuba to the beach of Florida at squeaky clean, ethical fashion,” she told a group of peers in a conference call.

That group will determine whether Nyad’s record, as the first person to make it without a shark cage from Cuba to Florida, will stand.

In recent days critics have come up with a boatload of questions:  could her speed have nearly doubled at one point? Did anyone touch her? How could she have gone so many hours without food or water?

Nyad insists skeptics’ claims don’t hold water. Her people say she picked up a current on the second day, which sped her up, and through a tube, she never went more than 90 minutes without sustenance.

But here’s what’s really making waves. Getting into the suit, which was intended to protect her from potentially deadly box jellyfish, required that a handler duct tape her booties and gloves.  In other words, she had to be touched.

If the group determines Nyad’s swim was assisted, that could nullify her record.

We’ll see what happens, but it seems one outcome would be fair, and another would just be square.

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