Miley Cyrus bares it all in new music video

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Miley Cyrus used to have the best of both worlds, but after that it became really obvious the Disney good girl was on the fast-track road to being bad.

It got worse with her music video for ‘We Can’t Stop,’ you know with all the drug references and her twerking.

Then she took her twerktascular performance to the MTV VMA’s. But leave it to Miley to outdo herself.

Listening to her new song ‘Wrecking Ball,’ it seems like a heartfelt pop ballad. But the video is anything but. Miley goes from walking around in barely anything, to making out with a sledge hammer. It gets worse when she decides to ride a wrecking ball in her birthday suit.

If it’s attention Miley wants, she’s getting it alright. But controversy can only take you so far. If Miley keeps this up, she could end up with her wrecking ball wrecking her career.

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