New Yorkers say no to Client 9 and Carlos Danger

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NEW YORK, NY – With any luck, New York voters have given us a break from politicians who lead with their (bleep).

First there is Elliot Spitzer, who resigned as New York’s governor after being ousted as client number 9 of an elite escort service.

Spitzer thought he could be New York City’s next controller, but the city’s voters didn’t want his ballot in their box, but he came close.

Meantime, Anthony Weiner’s political future may have come and gone.

At one point, Weiner was leading the race for the Democratic nomination for mayor, but then his old habit of texting nasty photos reared its ugly head again, this time with a woman from Indiana.

After that, Weiner’s lead softened and eventually his candidacy petered out, “We had the best ideas. Sadly, I was an imperfect messenger.”

And, as if this circus didn’t have enough side shows, Weiner’s ‘alleged’ sexting partner-turned-porn performer Sydney Leathers showed up.

“I didn’t expect it to be quite as big as it is,” she told reporters.

Of course, she was referring to all the brouhaha surrounding her apparent relationship with Weiner. Why? What did you think she meant?

But just to show everyone that losing an election doesn’t mean he’s gone soft, Weiner gave his version of a ‘thumbs up’ without the thumb as he drove away.

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