UN report uncovers Syria war crimes on both side

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GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – There’s a new report, just out, that describes the reality of the civil war in Syria. The report from the UN Human Rights Council says both sides, the Syrian government and the opposition forces, are committing grave crimes in violation of international law.

“The nature of the war in Syria is such that the number of violations by all sides goes hand in hand with the intensity of the conflict itself,” said Paulo Pinheiro, chair of the Independent International Committee of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic.

The report gives details about nine massacres investigated by the UN Human Rights Council, eight believed committed by the government and one by the opposition.

Iran’s new president warns of bad things happening to any country that takes military action against Syria. Iran is closely allied to Syria, and to Russia, which also has Syria’s back in this latest conflict.

Texas senator John Cornyn is urging his colleagues and the American people to be a bit skeptical about Russia’s plan to help Syria pass its gas to international inspectors, “I would remind the president and our colleagues that Russia itself is not in full compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention”

In a televised address to the nation, President Obama played up the emotional and humanitarian reasons for striking Syria. But we didn’t have much luck finding folks who watched.

Krissy Perales: “I just don’t want to watch it for the simple fact that if they`re gonna go to war, it’s gonna start World War 3 and that doesn’t make sense. We don`t need that.”

Jeff Hales: “Well, you know, they`re gonna do what they’re gonna do, and my little old opinion ain’t gonna matter anyway. You know, we need to kill them all and let God sort them out.”

It’s probably safe to say that Cong. Ted Poe of Humble is not on board with the president’s plan for Syria, “The president is concerned about Syrians. Syrians being killed by Syrians. I wish he was just as concerned about Americans being murdered by terrorists in Benghazi, Libya.”

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