Houston Center for Literacy robbed by four men

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LITERACYHOUSTON, TX – You have to be pretty heartless to steal from a charity.

Officials with the Houston Center for Literacy say that’s just what four men did.

Surveillance video shows the men breaking into the East Side University Community Center late Wednesday night.

They got away with all 12 of the center’s laptops.

Student Nathan Edwards said, “We’re unable to do what we need to do today. I came today to participate in one class, and the class had all of the promise to be most enriching. But that’s not the case today.”

Not today and maybe not for a few years. The non-profit can’t replace the laptops on their own.

The burglars robbed more than just technology from the school. They robbed it of its overall mission.

“Our mission is to help those who really can’t help themselves, who are looking for that second chance at education and that are looking for a second chance of getting a job in today’s workforce,” said Site Director Manson Johnson Jr.

Center official’s hope the community will come together and help give the school a second chance.

For now, they will get by on their desktops. Classes resume Monday.

As for the guys who robbed a charity that helps people read, hopefully the cops will find them and read them their rights.

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