Listening to music is good for your heart

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HOUSTON, TX – Turns out music is important for more than just your enjoyment.

Dr. John Higgins of UTHealth and Harris Health explained, “The eyes are the windows to the soul, but maybe the ears may be the window to the heart.”

A study from the Institute of Cardiology, at the University of Nis in Serbia, says listening to your favorite music can benefit your heart health.

“It directly helps your vascular function, so they use an ultrasound and look at how well your arteries can open and close under different conditions.”

Researchers found that listening to your favorite music has a positive effect on blood vessels.

“You’ll release endorphins which are the good chemicals, and that makes your heart relax as well as your vascular system.”

The theory is true for movies as well.

“When you have positive emotions and you’re feeling happy, it directly effects these chemicals and also your autonomic system which relaxes the heart.”

On the other hand, an intense movie, or aggressive music can have a negative reaction on your body.

According to Dr. Higgins, “If you were watching something where there was a lot of anger, depression and people being killed, then that had the opposite effect. So the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan, that really affected the heart. Stress levels went up cortisol went up and that seems to counteract the effect happy endorphin molecules.”

The body’s positive reaction to music was improved even further by exercise, and in turn the music improved that physical performance.

All that from tunes; who’d a thought?!