Medical examiner in Trayvon Martin case fired

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DELAND, FL – More fireworks from the George Zimmerman trial.

Shiping Bao is no longer the associate medical examiner for Volusia and Seminole counties in Florida. He’s the one who performed the autopsy on Trayvon Martin after Zimmerman shot and killed Martin in 2012.

Bao’s attorney says the ME, the cops, and the prosecutors blame Bao because Zimmerman walked. And the attorney says it seems strange that the Chinese-American guy gets canned while all the white guys get to skate.

The medical examiner’s office isn’t saying why Bao was fired, but apparently he refused to resign.

Now, plans to sue for $100 million for ethnic discrimination and wrongful termination. He better watch out, though. He knows first-hand what can happen to a minority guy in Seminole county.

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