Men with smaller testicles make better fathers

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HOUSTON, TX – Guys, this one’s for you. Smaller could be better when it comes to being ballsy.

Yes, you heard right, we’re talking testicles. Men with smaller private parts seem to be better fathers to toddlers.

At least that’s what a new study out of Emory University says.

The study suggests that the biology of men trades off between mating or parenting. Y’all can figure out which size fits which.

Only one brave soul was willing to face our camera on the subject. Demarcus Lewis said, “Guys with smaller testicles probably have less macho-ism I guess you can say, so it kind of makes sense.”

Other studies suggest that kids with fathers that are more involved do better socially, psychologically and in school.

“Guys with the bigger testicles, bigger balls, more ballsy, and so they are more likely to go out and be more macho, and those aren’t the best dads.”

Ladies, if you’re looking for man to be a good father, you may want to do some size comparison.

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