Outrageous Viral Video for “Poo Pourri”

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What can we say, poop stinks. That is if you poop at all (right ladies). And the worst is when you’re trying to cover it up with air freshners. Then it just smells like vanilla and feces. Not obvious at all. Or a match, what was there a bday party in there?

Well never fear, your poop doesn’t have to stink thanks to an odor-eliminating product, PooPourri. Yes it actually exists!

This sh*t don’t stink. In fact the product is so popular it has a “better Amazon rating than the iPhone5”.

You can get a starter pack of “Best Smellers” for $25, a “Poo of a Kind” two-person pack for $47, and a ”Family Flush” family pack for $58.

If you haven’t checked out the tongue and cheek ads with PooPourri Girl Bethany Woodruff, pop a squat and laugh your tush off. Just remember to flush after.

And that’s today’s helping of The Online Dish with Maggie.

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